Time to start planning your home?

Make sure you find the best possible place with the help of this short course

Your land- a piece of this earth for you to steward. Much depends on the choices you make when you plan your site. Locating your home so that you can benefit from the warmth of the sun and have positive relations with everything around you is a crucial step. This course offers tools and exercises to help make better choices. You'll spend time at your site with a sketchpad and a camera. Perhaps take a tent and stay over. It's all about getting to know your land.

Course overview

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction

    • A Visualization to help find land

  • 2

    Before you buy

    • Do this: List of features

    • Pre purchase site visit

    • Exploring your site

    • Exploring your solar window

  • 3

    On the land

    • Do this : Make an observation map

    • Download: Mapping your site checklist

    • Choosing your house site

    • Need support for choosing your best site?

  • 4

    Where to go from here

    • Books, networks and more courses

Yes I want to make a good choice!

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Elke Cole

Elke Cole is a designer, builder and educator specializing in Natural Building. With a background in architecture she has coordinated Natural Building programs at O.U.R. Ecovillage on Vancouver Island, Canada and runs her consultation and design business Houses That Love You Back. Elke’s work takes her around the globe with projects in Africa, India, and Costa Rica. Her designs are based in Permaculture and value relationships between owners, builders and the natural environment presented at the site. Working with groups on design and leading workshops on building projects has earned Elke a solid reputation in the Natural Building field. Elke is available for consultation, architectural design and to facilitate natural building and design workshops.