Go natural!

After 20+ years of natural building practice I'm offering a condensed introduction to natural buildings:  by wall systems. This is how we name our houses: a Cob house, a Straw-bale house. 

These short presentations will help understand the differences and find out what's best for your region.

Course overview

  • 1

    Getting started

    • Welcome to the world of natural building

    • Natural - what does it mean?

  • 2

    Walls are your third skin

    • Building with Earth : Part 1

    • Building with Earth, Part 2

    • Other natural wall systems

  • 3

    Next steps for learning

    • Books, networks and more courses


use your lunch hour to get the facts


Elke Cole

Elke Cole is a designer, builder and educator specializing in Natural Building. With a background in architecture she has coordinated Natural Building programs at O.U.R. Ecovillage on Vancouver Island, Canada and runs her consultation and design business Houses That Love You Back. Elke’s work takes her around the globe with projects in Africa, India, and Costa Rica. Her designs are based in Permaculture and value relationships between owners, builders and the natural environment presented at the site. Working with groups on design and leading workshops on building projects has earned Elke a solid reputation in the Natural Building field. Elke is available for consultation, architectural design and to facilitate natural building and design workshops.

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